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The morning of this Friday was of definition for the finalists of the World Futsal Cup VI. The home team FC Barcelona won all their matches and will be in four finals this Saturday.

The teams that came to the decision also prove what this competition is. There are five countries represented in the finals. Spain, Brazil (Rio Futsal and Santos), United States (Rose City and City Futsal), England (Olé Futsal) and Colombia (Futsal City Atlas).

See the summary for each category:


Santos quickly opened 2-0 and had control of the game against Olé Futsal. The Brazilian team showed again their great technique and, with good plays of stopped ball, beat the English team by 5-2.

The emotion was more present in the other semifinal. The Brazilian Sports & Cia started well and opened two difference goals (3-1 and 4-2). However, City Futsal never gave up and got the turn, winning by 5-4 with great saves of his goalkeeper in the final minutes.


Both semifinals were balanced, going into the halftime at 1-1. In the second half, FC Barcelona started very well and opened the score, winning by 5 -2.

On the other hand, BNW Boys were very closed in the defense, but after so much pressure Olé Futsal scored twice and won by 3-1.


FC Barcelona did not take note of Dina Moscow and won by 11-0. The big advantage was opened in the first half when the home team made eight goals in a row.

With good ball possession and a lot of speed, Rose City beat Futsal Dinamo by 4-1 and went to the decision. The Portland team controlled the duel, which was 2-0 until the final minutes.


The Japanese Badral /RAD started the game well and lost some clear goals. When FC Barcelona went ahead, however, it was very effective and therefore opened a big advantage, winning by 9-2.

The Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro scored two goals in three minutes and with that they had the control of the game, coming to another decision after the victory of 5-2.


Perhaps the great surprise of the competition, Futsal City Atlas once again showed the skills and speed. The Colombian team fight against the hard Dina Moscow but beat the Russian team 5-3.

In the other semifinal, the Brazilians of C5 Action made a balanced start against FC Barcelona, but the Spanish took more advantage of the offensive plays and won by 6-3.

Silver Division

In the afternoon, we had the finals of Silver Division. Pescadola Machida, from Japan, was the champion of Juvenil with a great win by 8-1 against Alianza. In the Alevin, City Futsal beat Blaby Bullets by 4-3 with great saves of goalkeeper João Paulo. In the Benjamin, we had an emotional game between Carlisle and Artos, with a winning of the English of Carlisle by 4-3.

Alianza won in the Cadete, beating Peninsula by 4-2. To finish, the FS5 Academy won against Canet by 5-1 in the Infantil category.