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Finals are always amazing games and the decisions of the World Futsal Cup VI, played on this Saturday, didn’t disappoint. We had high scores, tight games, penalty shootout and many good plays.

FC Barcelona, with four titles, was the great winner of this edition, having raised the cup in the categories Alevin, Infantil, Cadete and Juvenil.

In the Benjamin, the champion was Santos, who participated in the competition for the second consecutive year and conquered the trophy again.

See the summary for each category:


Santos did not take notice of City and was already to the halftime winning by 7-1. The pace decreases in the second stage, but the commanders of Felipe Sá still scored three more goals and won by 10-1.

The Brazilian team had the MVP of the competition (Renan) and the goalscorer (Eduardo and Pedro Henrique) of the category.


Many turns, speed and excitement. Thus was the duel between FC Barcelona and Olé Futsal. The English team went ahead early but took the equalizer and saw the home team turn 2-1 before the break.

In the second stage, two goals from Olé in sequence left the gym in ecstasy, but Barça did not collapse and turned again, winning by 6-4.


The first 10 minutes were balanced but soon FC Barcelona had the control and went into the break winning the Rose City 4-0.

In the second stage, the American team created beautiful plays and scored once, but the day was of the Catalans, who confirmed victory by 7-1.


The most exciting game of the day. Rio de Janeiro played closed on defense for 40 minutes with an impressive application, and made life difficult for FC Barcelona, who found themselves behind the scoring in a throw of stopped ball.

The tie of the home team also occurred for a stopped ball, and so we went to the penalties. After two errors of one side and one mistake from another, Barça won by 4-3.


As they do in the entire championship, the Futsal City Atlas has shown its engaging game with many skilled players. With that, they opened the scoring and had good moments in the match.

However, FC Barcelona were more consistent and with great performance of their player with the shirt number 10, won by 6-3, winning the Tetra of the World Futsal Cup VI.

Individual awards

Best goalkeeper: Elijah Gradilla (City Futsal)
Top Scorer: Eduardo and Pedro Henrique (Santos)
MVP: Renan (Santos)

Best goalkeeper: Gerard Alvarez Cambini (FC Barcelona)
Top Scorer: Jordi Sanchez (FC Barcelona)
MVP: Prince (Olé Futsal)

Best goalkeeper: Pau Lopez (FC Barcelona)
Top Scorer: Marc Paterna and Adrian Tapas (FC Barcelona)
MVP: Kieran Halsinger (Rose City)

Best goalkeeper: Marc Vesteen (Rose City)
Top Scorer: Keller Storie (Rose City) and Mauricio Melo (Rio)
MVP: Victor Cabo (FC Barcelona)

Best goalkeeper: Carlos Zarbaburu (Alianza)
Top Scorer: Guilherme Sanchez (C5 Action)
MVP: Anderson Castro (Atlas)