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The wait is over: finally the World Futsal Cup VI started. All the 40 clubs played this Wednesday at Ciutat Esportiva Blanes, with a round that started at 15h00. During the morning, we had a Coaching Seminar provided by Xavi Closas, coach of FC Barcelona B.

We had great games at the six courts of Spanish Complex, with a lot of good plays and beautiful goals from clubs of Brazil, Spain, England, USA, Colombia, Croatia, Russia, Japan and Australia.

This Thursday, the round starts at 9:00 and we will have the entire days of matches, which will qualify the teams for the Gold or the Silver finals.

Here is the results of this Wednesday:



Blanesport 1 x 13 Santos

Canet 0 x 2 Artos

City Futsal 13 x 2 Carlisle

Sports & Cia 9 x 2 Ole Futsal


BNW Boys 9 x 2 Blaby Bullets

Hyper DC 9 x 1 Blanesport

FC Barcelona 9 x 0 Nagoya Oceans

Ole Futsal 6 x 0 City Futsal


FC Barcelona 7 x 3 Rose City

Blanesport 1 x 5 Futsal Dinamo

Canet 3 x 7 Dina Moscow

Melbourne 2 x 6 FS5 Academy


Galaxy FC 0 x 8 Rose City Futsal

Blanesport 1 x 9 Badral/RAD

Peninsula 0 x 14 FC Barcelona

Alianza 1 x 3 Rio Futsal


Blanesport 1 x 15 Pescadola Machida

Freelance Futsal 0 x 13 Futsal City Atlas

Dina Moscow 2 x 5 C5 Action

Alianza 0 x 7 FC Barcelona