Sunday, 22nd of February 2015

Yesterday we had the closest game I have seen since I have been here. We only won 3-2 which made for a very crazy and hectic final few minutes. However, a wins a win and so far that is all I have witnessed from the team since arriving!

It is obviously a fantastic team with a great mix of players and personalities. But let me start with my first training sessions, which were less than spectacular to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever been that player that continually breaks down the sessions before. So this was a new feeling/experience for me that I did not enjoy at all. And the most frustrating thing wasn’t that I couldn’t do what I needed to ability wise necessarily, but that I simply wouldn’t know the parameters or restrictions of the drill/game we were playing. I would always make sure I was at the back of the line or started as a sub so I could watch and try and pick up the rules before playing, but sometimes it wasn’t that simple. For example, it could be a regular game with one touch unless a certain movement or play happened, then everyone became unlimited. So just knowing that’s what the deal was and then trying to figure out what the movement is and recognize whether my team, myself,  or  the other team did it, was very difficult. My teammates are very helpful and patient though and now that it has been a couple of weeks, I am seeing things we’ve done before and hearing things I have heard before so it’s getting easier.

The level and intensity at training is always very high. My coach David Ramos Barragan demands it and obviously knows what he’s doing as he has been involved with futsal for years, both playing at the highest level and now coaching. I am extremely fortunate and grateful that he is genuine when it comes to him wanting to pass along his knowledge (and practice his English…), so it works out for both of us. Between what I have learned in Spanish and what he knows in English we can eventually figure out what each other are saying. But when at practice and addressing the team it’s always Spanish.

Speaking of the language barrier, I started class last week which I think is helping a lot and will continue to do so. I have it five days a week for just over three hours a day and I am enjoying it immensely so far.

Stay tuned for next week, and as always thanks for all the support!