Two years ago, Jonathan Cueva opened the doors of what would become Rockport Indoor Soccer. Back then, the space was empty but what started as a vision of opening an indoor soccer facility turned into a dedicated futsal court where young players come to train.

Walking into Rockport Indoor Soccer, it’s easy to see the care that Cueva spent in the details- from the concession stand to the penalty box, every detail was created to establish a free environment where players can come try their skill in fast-paced futsal games.

For the Georgia community, the facility has been a game-changer. Children have an alternative space where they can build community, learn new skills and develop constructively on and off the court. For the futsal community, the facility is a small win in the quest to bring the sport to the United States.

“Futsal still needs to grow,” said Cueva. “We were at the World Futsal Championships watching Brazilian teams play and their movements and strategies were new for us. I want as many people, especially young children to see and share the game at its highest level.”

This summer, Cueva has partnered with the LSA Sharks and UNITED FUTSAL to bring international talent to Rockport Indoor Soccer and do just that. Together, they will open Escorpion Futsal Academy, the first after school futsal academy in the state and they’re brining in Toni Farreras to teach their players how the game is played.

For Farreras, the game has been his biggest love. From a young age, he showed a talent for developing players, having trained his first futsal team at the age of 14. Since then, he has coached players from the mighty FC Barcelona, Pineda F.S, Futsal Mataró and Canet F.S., among others.

His secret to developing champions is in his approach to coaching.

“My intention is to make you think from the first day. I do not want you to memorize anything, I want you to understand why things happen and only then improve your ability to make decisions on the court,” explained Farreras. “I also want to convey my way of seeing this sport and how we can take it to our lives off the track. Everything has a connection.”

Lanier Soccer Association will be also benefiting from Farreras’ training; He will be acting as the futsal academy’s Technical Director and educate our coaches in the art of futsal.

Escorpion Futsal Academy will kick off this January and children will be able to learn basic principles and absorb a bit of the coaching culture that has made teams in Spain a force to recon with. With eight practices per month, players will receive dedicated attention and enjoy the competitive advantage that comes from professional coaching.

Registration for the January sessions is open now. Click here for more information