Competition Heats Up in the World Futsal Cup 2013

Players from around the world are thriving on the intense competition in the World Futsal Cup. Teams are growing immensely from the experience of playing against youths from other countries. Many players have commented on the stylistic differences among the countries’ players.
Players are benefiting greatly during game play. They are learning to adapt to new styles of play. Players also have to rely solely on body language when trying to decipher the other team’s strategy due to the inherent language barrier.
All teams in the tournament have exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and UNITED FUTSAL is proud of the integrity of the tournament thus far.

World Futsal Cup 2013 to be Hosted in Barcelona

UNITED FUTSAL is proud to announce that we will be putting on the World Futsal Cup 2013, December 27 - 30th 2013 in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. The event will feature intense competition from teams coming from The Netherlands, California, New York, Spain and Italy. This elite youth competition will showcase the best of the best in three age groups.