Open Position: Billing Coordinator

Billing Coordinator

Position Type: Part-Time/Regular


This role is responsible for providing administrative oversight of daily billing operations for the following events:
  1. World Futsal Cup
  2. World Futsal Championships
  3. Elite96
  4. Top 12 Experience

The Billing Coordinator ensures timely billing/collections and revenue maximization, by standardizing charge submission process. In addition, the coordinator helps develop policies and procedures, implements new processes and monitors compliance to established guidelines.


Job Responsibilities:
  • Meets routinely with manager to review current tasks and assignments. Assists in allocating resources as needed to support operations.
  • Resolves all complaints and problems using independent judgment and decision making skills to ensure client satisfaction and adherence to billing standards.
  • Receives, compiles, organizes and consolidates data from varied sources.
  • Maintains accurate, well-organized, up to date files for retrieval of needed documentation.
  • Compiles daily data as requested and reports to appropriate parties.
  • Monitor weekly invoice submission volume, weekly charges posted, daily cash, incomplete charges, denials, collection reports, refunds, etc. Develops dashboard to track these indicators and conduct routine meetings with managers to discuss the results of these indicators and redirect staff efforts as needed.
  • Organizes, prioritizes and expedites own work flow and uses independent judgment.
  • Recognizes routine problems and recommends suggestions, ideas and solutions.
  • Meets or exceeds internal standards for accuracy and timeliness in invoice preparation and submission.
  • Helps identify and quantify operational deficiencies that may be adversely impacting billing systems issues, process issues in other areas, and assists in finding solutions to these issues.
  • Provides excellent and timely customer service support.
  • May be asked to perform other varied functions.


  • Preferred Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Finance or a related field.
  • Spanish and Portuguese a bonus.
  •  Minimum of 1-3 years of relevant work experience or equivalent combination or training and relevant work experience.
  • Knowledge of Freshbooks preferred.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent customer service skills are required for this role.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and computer skills.
  • Must have the skills necessary to operate the office equipment required to fulfill job duties.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with customers and staff.
  • Qualified candidates must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

To Apply:

Please email your resume to [email protected] along with 3 references.

Open Position: Tournament Director, World Futsal Championships

Tournament Director

Position Type: Part-Time/Event Based

The Tournament Director manages staff for the World Futsal Championships to ensure exceptional service is provided to coaches, players and spectators.

Reports directly to the President.

This is a hands-on position. The Tournament Director must be a leader and set an example for his team to follow. This position uses independent judgement to produce creative and effective solutions while successfully managing the tournament.

The Tournament Director will be fully responsible for managing a tournament venue, including the oversight of part-time event staff.

The Tournament Director has a passion for futsal and understands the importance of outstanding customer service. He/She is an enthusiastic professional with the ability to build relationships with internal teams and customers.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Fully responsible for managing a tournament venue, including the oversight of part-time event staff.
  • Checking in teams prior to their participation to ensure that they comply with the participation rules for that tournament.
  • Accountable for keeping games on schedule and handling on-site questions & issues.
  • Responsible for pre-event setup as well as post-event breakdown, posting game scores in real time, and an immense understanding of playoff scenarios within divisions and pools.
  • Ensuring the duties of officials are being adequately covered.
  • Communication with coaches, players and fans.
  • Handing out trophies or other awards.
  • Assists in allocating resources as needed to support event.
  • Performs duties as assigned including facilitating operations, responding to problems, and ensuring all aspects of events are implemented and controlled according to plans.
  • Represents UNITED FUTSAL in a liaison capacity.



  • Spanish and Portuguese bonus but not required.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent customer service skills are required for this role.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and computer skills.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with customers and staff.
  • Qualified candidates must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.
  • General knowledge of event planning strategies, processes, and available resources.
  • Exceptional organizational skills; self-starter with distinct attention to detail.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects while maintaining quality and customer service focus.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.


To Apply

Please email your resume to [email protected] along with 3 references.

With dominant Barça and Santos making a double, World Futsal Cup VI has the great champions

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Finals are always amazing games and the decisions of the World Futsal Cup VI, played on this Saturday, didn’t disappoint. We had high scores, tight games, penalty shootout and many good plays.

FC Barcelona, with four titles, was the great winner of this edition, having raised the cup in the categories Alevin, Infantil, Cadete and Juvenil.

In the Benjamin, the champion was Santos, who participated in the competition for the second consecutive year and conquered the trophy again.

See the summary for each category:


Santos did not take notice of City and was already to the halftime winning by 7-1. The pace decreases in the second stage, but the commanders of Felipe Sá still scored three more goals and won by 10-1.

The Brazilian team had the MVP of the competition (Renan) and the goalscorer (Eduardo and Pedro Henrique) of the category.


Many turns, speed and excitement. Thus was the duel between FC Barcelona and Olé Futsal. The English team went ahead early but took the equalizer and saw the home team turn 2-1 before the break.

In the second stage, two goals from Olé in sequence left the gym in ecstasy, but Barça did not collapse and turned again, winning by 6-4.


The first 10 minutes were balanced but soon FC Barcelona had the control and went into the break winning the Rose City 4-0.

In the second stage, the American team created beautiful plays and scored once, but the day was of the Catalans, who confirmed victory by 7-1.


The most exciting game of the day. Rio de Janeiro played closed on defense for 40 minutes with an impressive application, and made life difficult for FC Barcelona, who found themselves behind the scoring in a throw of stopped ball.

The tie of the home team also occurred for a stopped ball, and so we went to the penalties. After two errors of one side and one mistake from another, Barça won by 4-3.


As they do in the entire championship, the Futsal City Atlas has shown its engaging game with many skilled players. With that, they opened the scoring and had good moments in the match.

However, FC Barcelona were more consistent and with great performance of their player with the shirt number 10, won by 6-3, winning the Tetra of the World Futsal Cup VI.

Individual awards

Best goalkeeper: Elijah Gradilla (City Futsal)
Top Scorer: Eduardo and Pedro Henrique (Santos)
MVP: Renan (Santos)

Best goalkeeper: Gerard Alvarez Cambini (FC Barcelona)
Top Scorer: Jordi Sanchez (FC Barcelona)
MVP: Prince (Olé Futsal)

Best goalkeeper: Pau Lopez (FC Barcelona)
Top Scorer: Marc Paterna and Adrian Tapas (FC Barcelona)
MVP: Kieran Halsinger (Rose City)

Best goalkeeper: Marc Vesteen (Rose City)
Top Scorer: Keller Storie (Rose City) and Mauricio Melo (Rio)
MVP: Victor Cabo (FC Barcelona)

Best goalkeeper: Carlos Zarbaburu (Alianza)
Top Scorer: Guilherme Sanchez (C5 Action)
MVP: Anderson Castro (Atlas)

With FC Barcelona in four finals and five countries represented, World Futsal Cup VI knows the finalists

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The morning of this Friday was of definition for the finalists of the World Futsal Cup VI. The home team FC Barcelona won all their matches and will be in four finals this Saturday.

The teams that came to the decision also prove what this competition is. There are five countries represented in the finals. Spain, Brazil (Rio Futsal and Santos), United States (Rose City and City Futsal), England (Olé Futsal) and Colombia (Futsal City Atlas).

See the summary for each category:


Santos quickly opened 2-0 and had control of the game against Olé Futsal. The Brazilian team showed again their great technique and, with good plays of stopped ball, beat the English team by 5-2.

The emotion was more present in the other semifinal. The Brazilian Sports & Cia started well and opened two difference goals (3-1 and 4-2). However, City Futsal never gave up and got the turn, winning by 5-4 with great saves of his goalkeeper in the final minutes.


Both semifinals were balanced, going into the halftime at 1-1. In the second half, FC Barcelona started very well and opened the score, winning by 5 -2.

On the other hand, BNW Boys were very closed in the defense, but after so much pressure Olé Futsal scored twice and won by 3-1.


FC Barcelona did not take note of Dina Moscow and won by 11-0. The big advantage was opened in the first half when the home team made eight goals in a row.

With good ball possession and a lot of speed, Rose City beat Futsal Dinamo by 4-1 and went to the decision. The Portland team controlled the duel, which was 2-0 until the final minutes.


The Japanese Badral /RAD started the game well and lost some clear goals. When FC Barcelona went ahead, however, it was very effective and therefore opened a big advantage, winning by 9-2.

The Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro scored two goals in three minutes and with that they had the control of the game, coming to another decision after the victory of 5-2.


Perhaps the great surprise of the competition, Futsal City Atlas once again showed the skills and speed. The Colombian team fight against the hard Dina Moscow but beat the Russian team 5-3.

In the other semifinal, the Brazilians of C5 Action made a balanced start against FC Barcelona, but the Spanish took more advantage of the offensive plays and won by 6-3.

Silver Division

In the afternoon, we had the finals of Silver Division. Pescadola Machida, from Japan, was the champion of Juvenil with a great win by 8-1 against Alianza. In the Alevin, City Futsal beat Blaby Bullets by 4-3 with great saves of goalkeeper João Paulo. In the Benjamin, we had an emotional game between Carlisle and Artos, with a winning of the English of Carlisle by 4-3.

Alianza won in the Cadete, beating Peninsula by 4-2. To finish, the FS5 Academy won against Canet by 5-1 in the Infantil category.

Fans are prized with 428 goals on the Thursday of World Futsal Cup VI

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A whole day of games and many, many goals. More precisely, 428 balls in the net we had in this this Thursday of the World Futsal Cup VI, with two rounds that began at 9am and ended at 9pm.

On Friday, we will have the semifinals. Top rankings make the Gold semifinals, while the worst runners make the Silver semifinals. Finalists begin to be set at 9am.

Santos (Benjamin), Sports & Cia (Benjamin), Olé Futsal (Alevin), FC Barcelona (Infantil), Futsal Dinamo (Infantil), FC Barcelona (Cadete), Rio Futsal (Cadete) and C5 Action with the only one with 100% of the points.

Pedro Henrique (13 goals - Santos - Benjamin), Ian Charles (9 goals - BNW Boys - Alevin), Mauricio Melo (12 goals - Rio Futsal - Cadet) and Guilherme Sanches (10 goals - C5 Action - Juvenil) are the goalscorers of the respective tournaments. In the Infantil, we have four players tied with five goals each.

To see the next games, please go to

Morning results:

Carlisle 2 x 0 Blanesport
Artos 0 x 23 Sports & Cia
Ole Futsal 10 x 1 Canet
Santos 11 x 1 City Futsal

Blanesport 1 x 10 Olé Futsal
City Futsal 0 x 4 Hyper DC
Blaby Bullets 2 x 8 FC Barcelona
Nagoya Oceans 1 x 5 BNW Boys

Dina Moscow 5 x 2 Blanesport
FS5 1 X 12 FC Barcelona
Rose City 6 x 2 Melbourne Brazil
Futsal Dinamo 6 x 3 Canet

Barcelona 11 x 0 Galaxy
Rose City 6 x 3 Peninsula
Badral 3 x 1 Alianza
Rio Futsal 31 x 2 Blanesport

C5 Action 24 x 0 Blanesport
Pescadola Machida 5 x 5 Dina Moscow
FC Barcelona 15 x 0 Freelance Futsal
Futsal City Atlas 10 x 1 Alianza

Afternoon results:

City Futsal 8 x 1 Blanesport
Carlisle 1 x 20 Santos
Artos 1 x 14 Olé Futsal
Canet 0 x 16 Sports & Cia

Nagoya Oceans 1 x 8 Blaby Bullets
City Futsal 6 x 3 Blanesport
FC Barcelona 4 x 4 BNW Boys
Ole Futsal 6 x 1 Hyper DC

FS5 1 X 5 Rose City
Dina Moscow 2 x 3 Futsal Dinamo
Canet 5 x 3 Blanesport
Melbourne 0 x 17 FC Barcelona

Rio Futsal 5 x 1 Badral/RAD
Alianza 8 x 1 Blanesport
Peninsula 4 x 0 Galaxy
FC Barcelona 9 x 0 Rose City

Barcelona 3 x 3 Futsal City Atlas
Freelance Futsal 4 x 4 Alianza
C5 Action 2 x 0 Pescadola Machida
Blanesport 2 x 19 Dina Moscow

What a day! The World Futsal Cup have started with great games at Ciutat Esportiva Blanes

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The wait is over: finally the World Futsal Cup VI started. All the 40 clubs played this Wednesday at Ciutat Esportiva Blanes, with a round that started at 15h00. During the morning, we had a Coaching Seminar provided by Xavi Closas, coach of FC Barcelona B.

We had great games at the six courts of Spanish Complex, with a lot of good plays and beautiful goals from clubs of Brazil, Spain, England, USA, Colombia, Croatia, Russia, Japan and Australia.

This Thursday, the round starts at 9:00 and we will have the entire days of matches, which will qualify the teams for the Gold or the Silver finals.

Here is the results of this Wednesday:



Blanesport 1 x 13 Santos

Canet 0 x 2 Artos

City Futsal 13 x 2 Carlisle

Sports & Cia 9 x 2 Ole Futsal


BNW Boys 9 x 2 Blaby Bullets

Hyper DC 9 x 1 Blanesport

FC Barcelona 9 x 0 Nagoya Oceans

Ole Futsal 6 x 0 City Futsal


FC Barcelona 7 x 3 Rose City

Blanesport 1 x 5 Futsal Dinamo

Canet 3 x 7 Dina Moscow

Melbourne 2 x 6 FS5 Academy


Galaxy FC 0 x 8 Rose City Futsal

Blanesport 1 x 9 Badral/RAD

Peninsula 0 x 14 FC Barcelona

Alianza 1 x 3 Rio Futsal


Blanesport 1 x 15 Pescadola Machida

Freelance Futsal 0 x 13 Futsal City Atlas

Dina Moscow 2 x 5 C5 Action

Alianza 0 x 7 FC Barcelona

Peninsula Futsal ready to conquer Europe

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The World Futsal Cup VI will take place in Spain this December and will feature teams from countries like Brazil, Spain and England. Among them is Peninsula Futsal, a club that has impressed their Australia with their impressive track record.

The Queensland club is affiliated with the Soccer Federation of Australia and became state champions this year after winning 32 of 40 major tournament matches in two of the biggest tournaments in the country (National FutsalOz Club and the Craig Foster International Cup).

The club was created to give each player on the Peninsula and surrounding suburbs an easy access to a fast paced indoor activity suitable to players of all ages and abilities. Peninsula Futsal also organizes tournaments based in the Redcliffe Peninsula and which covers Scarborough, Redcliffe, Clontarf, Kippa-Ring, Woody Point, Rothwell, Deception Bay, Mango Hill, North Lakes, Brighton, Sandgate and Shorncliffe.

"This will be Peninsula's first time competing at the World Futsal Cup. Even though they are a relatively new club, they have a lot of success in Australia and we know there is a lot of great work going on there. I look forward to seeing them compete against the best in the world and I am sure they will do well," said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

The challenge in Spain

Peninsula’s next challenge is in Europe where they will face teams like FC Barcelona, Badral/RAD (Japan) and some of the best American teams.

The same squad that will compete in Spain was invited to attend the V-Power Futsal Cup in Santorini, competition which will bring together talented young athletes from over 200 countries.

In Australia, Peninsula Futsal has already made history. Now, it’s time to conquer Europe, starting with World Futsal Cup VI.

Powerful in Asia, Nagoya wants to shine with the young’s in the World Futsal Cup VI

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Nagoya Oceans is one of the most powerful futsal clubs of the world. They won Japanese League nine times and the Asian League three times. The structure of the club, which has an online store and a big Arena in the city of Nagoya, impress everyone in Asia and bring players from other countries - especially Brazil - to use the t-shirt of the Japanese team.

But was wrong who thinks that just the adults enjoy all this stuff. Nagoya Oceans has youth categories with strong teams in Infantil, Cadete and Juvenil categories.

They will show this work with futsal in the World Futsal Cup VI. Will be their first participation in the tournament which has some of the best teams of the world in a beautiful city, located near from Barcelona and which have a beautiful sports complex, where will be played this high-level championship.

“Nagoya is one of Japan's most successful clubs. Japanese teams performed very well in edition V and we can expect Nagoya to at least match their success,” said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup.
Nagoya will play the Alevin category which will have also FC Barcelona, City Futsal, Olé Futsal, BNW Boys, Hyper Futsal and Bullets Futsal Academy.

Certainly they will show their power against these big opponents, fighting for the title and impressing even more their country and their continent in the return to Japan.

First Russian ever at the World Futsal Cup, Dina Moscow wants to show the power of the country

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When we talk about futsal in the last years we always talk about Brazil, Spain and Russia. These first two countries have a great history in the World Futsal Cup while the Russians will start themselves in the VI edition with a powerful club: Dina Moscow.

Most titled team of the country, Dina Moscow is the oldest as well. The club was founded in 1991 by the businessman Sergey Koslov. Dina is the name of Koslov’s wife.

Since that foundation was 26 years of glory. Dina Moscow won the Russian League nine times and the Russian Cup another eight opportunities. Besides that, they were champions of European Champions Tournament three times and of the International Cup in 1997.

Now they want to show this power in the youth categories as well. They will play at the World Futsal Cup VI in the Infantil and Juvenil categories. The opponents are also powerful, like Futsal City Atlas from Colombia, Rio de Janeiro from Brazil, Dinamo Futsal from Croatia, and FC Barcelona from Spain.

"We are delighted to have one of the world's most renowned futsal clubs participating this year in Dina Moscow & our first Russian participant in the history of the World Futsal Cup. Russia produces some of the world's best players so we are all very excited to see the young talent in their squad," said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

Who will be the future stars of Dina Moscow and consequently of Russian futsal? We look forward to see them in the courts of Blanes.

To complete a great year, the biggest challenge: Galaxy FC come for World Futsal Cup VI

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Galaxy FC was founded in 2015 but this year is very special to them. The Australian club competed in three different countries and has just taken out the Qld Club Championships in its inaugural inclusion to their States Premier League . Now facing their biggest challenge: the World Futsal Cup VI, tournament which will have some of the best teams of the planet competing in Spain.

Their academy players must have, as they officially said, “discipline, character, respect and excellence both on and off the field. These qualities will assist players achieve their personal goals and produce players worthy of wearing the Galaxy uniform.”

This year Galaxy FC was the first Australian Club ever invited to play at New Zealand Futsal National Championships. After that, the professional team played at Kobe Futsal Championships in Japan and had the final against the National Japanese Team under23. The Club has been well challenged competing in the Victorian State Titles , NSW Northern State League as well as The Sydney Futsal Institute Gatorade Cup , all with great success .
This all on the back of the Women's Squad becoming Australian National Champions in Australia's National F-League in 2016

To complete this “traveling year” the Cadete team went to Disney in August and had three victories in five games playing at World Futsal Championships.
This squad will have in December another international experience in Spain playing against big clubs like FC Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.

"Galaxy is a young but ambitious club that is expanding fast in Australia. They have played at the World Futsal Championships and this will be another foreign trip which I am sure will benefit the club immensely and support their continued development," said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

On top

Galaxy FC has big dreams. They want to be the most successful and most recognized futsal club in Australia. To achieve that the formation of young players are very important.

They search for players who can make an impact as professionals and contribute to the winning traditions of Queensland’s newest franchise. Besides that, they provide courses available to everyone with some subjects like Attacking Principles, Defensive Principles, Set Pieces, systems of play and Goalkeeping, all in line with the FFA National Curriculum.

They want to lead the development of futsal in Australia and certainly the experience in World Futsal Cup VI will contribute a lot to that. Could they finish this fantastic 2017 with the World Futsal Championship Title ? Lets see..