Powerful in Asia, Nagoya wants to shine with the young’s in the World Futsal Cup VI

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Nagoya Oceans is one of the most powerful futsal clubs of the world. They won Japanese League nine times and the Asian League three times. The structure of the club, which has an online store and a big Arena in the city of Nagoya, impress everyone in Asia and bring players from other countries - especially Brazil - to use the t-shirt of the Japanese team.

But was wrong who thinks that just the adults enjoy all this stuff. Nagoya Oceans has youth categories with strong teams in Infantil, Cadete and Juvenil categories.

They will show this work with futsal in the World Futsal Cup VI. Will be their first participation in the tournament which has some of the best teams of the world in a beautiful city, located near from Barcelona and which have a beautiful sports complex, where will be played this high-level championship.

“Nagoya is one of Japan's most successful clubs. Japanese teams performed very well in edition V and we can expect Nagoya to at least match their success,” said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup.
Nagoya will play the Alevin category which will have also FC Barcelona, City Futsal, Olé Futsal, BNW Boys, Hyper Futsal and Bullets Futsal Academy.

Certainly they will show their power against these big opponents, fighting for the title and impressing even more their country and their continent in the return to Japan.

First Russian ever at the World Futsal Cup, Dina Moscow wants to show the power of the country

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When we talk about futsal in the last years we always talk about Brazil, Spain and Russia. These first two countries have a great history in the World Futsal Cup while the Russians will start themselves in the VI edition with a powerful club: Dina Moscow.

Most titled team of the country, Dina Moscow is the oldest as well. The club was founded in 1991 by the businessman Sergey Koslov. Dina is the name of Koslov’s wife.

Since that foundation was 26 years of glory. Dina Moscow won the Russian League nine times and the Russian Cup another eight opportunities. Besides that, they were champions of European Champions Tournament three times and of the International Cup in 1997.

Now they want to show this power in the youth categories as well. They will play at the World Futsal Cup VI in the Infantil and Juvenil categories. The opponents are also powerful, like Futsal City Atlas from Colombia, Rio de Janeiro from Brazil, Dinamo Futsal from Croatia, and FC Barcelona from Spain.

"We are delighted to have one of the world's most renowned futsal clubs participating this year in Dina Moscow & our first Russian participant in the history of the World Futsal Cup. Russia produces some of the world's best players so we are all very excited to see the young talent in their squad," said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

Who will be the future stars of Dina Moscow and consequently of Russian futsal? We look forward to see them in the courts of Blanes.

To complete a great year, the biggest challenge: Galaxy FC come for World Futsal Cup VI

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Galaxy FC was founded in 2015 but this year is very special to them. The Australian club competed in three different countries and has just taken out the Qld Club Championships in its inaugural inclusion to their States Premier League . Now facing their biggest challenge: the World Futsal Cup VI, tournament which will have some of the best teams of the planet competing in Spain.

Their academy players must have, as they officially said, “discipline, character, respect and excellence both on and off the field. These qualities will assist players achieve their personal goals and produce players worthy of wearing the Galaxy uniform.”

This year Galaxy FC was the first Australian Club ever invited to play at New Zealand Futsal National Championships. After that, the professional team played at Kobe Futsal Championships in Japan and had the final against the National Japanese Team under23. The Club has been well challenged competing in the Victorian State Titles , NSW Northern State League as well as The Sydney Futsal Institute Gatorade Cup , all with great success .
This all on the back of the Women's Squad becoming Australian National Champions in Australia's National F-League in 2016

To complete this “traveling year” the Cadete team went to Disney in August and had three victories in five games playing at World Futsal Championships.
This squad will have in December another international experience in Spain playing against big clubs like FC Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.

"Galaxy is a young but ambitious club that is expanding fast in Australia. They have played at the World Futsal Championships and this will be another foreign trip which I am sure will benefit the club immensely and support their continued development," said Doug Reed, Tournament Director of World Futsal Cup VI.

On top

Galaxy FC has big dreams. They want to be the most successful and most recognized futsal club in Australia. To achieve that the formation of young players are very important.

They search for players who can make an impact as professionals and contribute to the winning traditions of Queensland’s newest franchise. Besides that, they provide courses available to everyone with some subjects like Attacking Principles, Defensive Principles, Set Pieces, systems of play and Goalkeeping, all in line with the FFA National Curriculum.

They want to lead the development of futsal in Australia and certainly the experience in World Futsal Cup VI will contribute a lot to that. Could they finish this fantastic 2017 with the World Futsal Championship Title ? Lets see..

World Futsal Cup VI is a huge step in the futsal development of Carlisle

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In England, there is one club fighting for the growth of futsal since 2007. It is Carlisle, founded by a group of friends who created the club to play FA National League. Besides that, they have academies designated to educate a player starting at the age of 4 and taking them up to the age of 18.

There are players, coaches, federations and clubs promoting the futsal in England. We should see a very impressive growth in the country during the next years, and who is working inside the country could talk more about the improvement of futsal in the country that created the soccer.

“We have seen a huge increase in youth participation in Futsal here in the UK. Lots of clubs and academies are now looking at futsal as a development tool for soccer as well as there being many designated futsal clubs that look to create futsal players for their own teams”, said Jon Reay, coach of Carlisle.

However, players don’t like just training sessions, so they compete in good tournaments as well. The next one for Carlisle is World Futsal Cup VI, in Blanes, Spain, this December. This beautiful city located closer with Barcelona will receive the best teams of the world in a high-level championship. The sixth edition will have great clubs like FC Barcelona, Santos and Corinthians, beside others from USA, Australia and Colombia.

“We want the boys to go there and enjoy it. It will be a fantastic experience not just for the players but for the coaches and parents as well,” said Reay. “We want the boys to really work hard for each other and be confident in what they do. It’s another step in their development as players and people. I’m sure it’ll be a trip of a lifetime and one not to be forgotten.”

Biggest champion of World Futsal Cup, FC Barcelona returns to continue this glorious story

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When we talk about World Futsal Cup naturally we talk about FC Barcelona. The tournament that put in the court some of the best teams of the world has the Catalan club as the biggest champion with 11 titles.
The Spanish team won one title in Alevin, four titles in Infantil, three titles in Cadete and other three in Juvenil.

“For our teams it is good and attractive to be able to compete against teams of different levels and countries. Apart from being close to home is a tournament that year after year has been improving in their organization and that makes us comfortable,” said Jordi Torras, director of FC Barcelona.

For this year they will return to Blanes and hopes to continue this glorious story. Beside that, Torras said that the plan is contribute to achieve the player’s dreams.

“We want to help the players to pursue and achieve their dream, which is to play in the future with the first team or to play in the first division of Spanish futsal.”


Més que un club. This is the catalan slogan of FC Barcelona which is not restricted to the soccer team. Other sports also has one original idea and futsal is not different.

"The players must assimilate and acquire step by step the objectives set from the smaller categories to learn to develop their talent within the ‘DNA FCB’, trying to get these players from the youth categories to the professional team,” said Torras.

However, what are the main points of this DNA plan? There are four and Jordi explained to us in this exclusive interview.

“These are the points where our section and the FCB are based on training our players: In SPORTS, we work on skills and talent, individual technique and team play. CHARACTER as ambition and discipline. VALUES as respect, companionship and excellence. In the EDUCATIONAL, monitoring and academic progress.”

The World Futsal Cup VI is another step to conquer new titles, know different game styles and help in the evolution of this development plan for young’s of FC Barcelona.

The Catalan shirt is heavy and we look forward to see them this December.

Base of Brazilian national soccer team's stars, Rio de Janeiro seeks to develop new talents in the World Futsal Cup VI

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Second soccer national team guaranteed at FIFA World Cup 2018, Brazil has several talented players, who are among the best of the world. Most of them gave their first kicks with futsal, natural path for all children’s who loves the sport in the country.

One of the largest Brazilian futsal schools is located in Rio de Janeiro, state that will be for the second time in the World Futsal Cup VI.

"The futsal of Rio de Janeiro forms athletes for soccer. The example of this formation is in the Brazilian National Team, which is already qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018. We have three athletes in the starting lineup who came from our futsal: Marcelo (Real Madrid), Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan) and Philipe Coutinho (Liverpool),” said Kennedy Abrantes, president of Rio de Janeiro Federation.

This won’t be the first time that Rio de Janeiro Futsal Academy will compete in international tournaments. Six times champion of the World Futsal Championships, competition played at Disney - Orlando, the team competed and conquered a title in World Futsal Cup V, beating FC Barcelona in the final match of Cadete Category.

"It was an excellent experience, in all aspects. The four teams went very well and was an unforgettable experience for the whole group. We still had the cultural experience that was also great,” said the president.

One year later, the Brazilian team wants to fight for the top again, but the formation of new stars, on and off the court, is the primary goal.

"The squad follows our standards of international competitions. Our expectation is always to have a participation in order to reach the finals, but we will never give up our formation, in the technical and in the disciplinary part,” concluded Abrantes.

Promoting futsal for all ages, BNW Boys come for their second World Futsal Cup

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The futsal in United States is growing year after year and RVA Futsal is part of that. Created in 2007, the organization promotes futsal for all ages. Their winter league features teams in every age group and gender from 8 years old and under through High School.

They also organize training sessions once per week during spring/fall, and twice per week during summer and winter. There are specific trainings to goalkeepers and the players could perform in their tournaments also.

Tournaments are the opportunity to show for fans all these work, and they will have one big challenge in the end of 2017.

This December, they will cross the borders of their country to play World Futsal Cup VI in Blanes, Spain, championship that put some of the best futsal clubs in a high-level dispute. This year, we will have teams from Brazil, Spain, Australia, Colombia, England and USA, among others.

Won’t be the first time though. Last year, they won two games and lost other two, finishing in the fifth place of Alevin category. Both editions under the name of BNW Boys.

“Last year’s biggest surprise and one of the most fun teams to watch at the tournament, we have high hopes for BNW at this year’s tournament. Kwaku does a fantastic job developing futsal players,” said Rob Andrews, president of UNITED FUTSAL.

Kwaku AduGyamfi is the manager and the coach of this BNW project, and he is excited with this new opportunity of play against great clubs in Europe.

"It was great experience last year, it was very physical which took sometime to get use to it," said Kwalu AduGyamfi. "I’m looking forward to play against top clubs again and to keep developing my boys."

More experienced, they are ready to show their improvement against some of the best futsal clubs of the world.

In the return to United States, certainly they will impress other athletes and will add other unforgettable moments to tell and bring new players for their academy. They are ready to show the improvement and achieve a great result, showing that in their country there is a quality futsal growing year after year.

Newborn, FS5 Academy wants to shine among the big clubs of World Futsal Cup VI

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The World Futsal Cup have year after year some of the best clubs of different continents, with a big history of titles like FC Barcelona, Santos and Corinthians. However, this democratic tournament open the doors for new teams like FS5 Academy, from Manchester.

This English club was founded in 2016 by Marcos Leon, coach with experience at National and International level around Spain and Great Britain as a player and as a manager.

“I have been born and raised with futsal in Spain, where the sports takes a big part on and off the court in all aspects of the game,” said Leon. “In England, it is starting to get an improvement and recognition year by year, which it rewards the people who are working in this environment around the country.”

The short history of FS5 Academy was prize with some titles, like Futsal League Champions 2016/2017, Winners York Futsal Festival 2017 and Futsal Cup Champions 2016/2017, all at Infantil Category.
Now the challenge is bigger but Leon said that the British players are ready to show their values and have a great experience.

“We expect to see quality and talent from all the teams, alongside different styles of play which brings that mixture of intrigue and excitement into the competition,” said the coach. “It is the first time in an international tournament and we will compete against some of the best and most famous futsal clubs. For sure, it will be an unbelievable and fantastic experience that will last a lifetime.”

Blanesport defending their home turf in World Futsal Cup VI

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This December, the picturesque town of Blanes will play host to teams from all over the world who come to test their skills in World Futsal Cup VI. The town's home team, Blanesport, who also played in 2015 against its neighboring town of Palafolls will once again compete in the tournament.

“For us it is a pride to be able to collaborate and participate in a tournament of this magnitude in which we can learn a lot in the organization of events and to be able to enjoy futsal of a very high level. In addition to our teams is an incentive to be there competing with the biggest teams in the world,” said Daniel Morales, coordinator of Blanesport.

For visiting teams, coming to Blanes is a unique opportunity to see the gorgeous town. For those at home, the tournament will bring some of the most elite youth athletes who are ready to see what they're made of.

“Blanes is a superb location for a championship with the international prestige of the World Futsal Cup. I have traveled all around the world for futsal and I have yet to see a better venue for a tournament of this kind than the Ciutat Esportiva Blanes," said Doug Reed, tournament director of World Futsal Cup VI.

For Morales, the tournament comes at a high point for Blanesport, since they have teams in all categories, including a female squad. In the coming years, they look forward to continue expanding their youth and senior teams.

“We started another project in the senior category with very young and promising players, (mostly 20 year olds) to be able to settle a base that from here and in two seasons we'd like to see it expand,” said Morales.

“In addition to this project, we also want to promote women's football by trying to maintain for many years our base team and forming a senior female team.”

Blanesport looks forward to representing their hometown in the tournament this December. No doubt, their fans will fill the bleachers!

The top players of São Paulo state are ready to fight for the title of World Futsal Cup VI

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Fernanda Grande is the coach of Palmeiras youth categories and won recently Paulista League in under 8 and under 10 categories, being runner-up in under 9. After the end of this season, she will have a new challenge, this time out of Brazil: The World Futsal Cup VI, which will be played in Blanes, Spain. She will command Sports & CIA, team which will have top players of São Paulo state.

The team is formed by boys who had great performance in big clubs from São Paulo state, like Palmeiras, São Caetano, Portuguesa and São Paulo, being together especially for this tournament, when they will face some of the best clubs of the world.

“I’m sure that World Futsal Cup will be a very competitive tournament, with teams from different countries,” said Grande. “We are going with the idea to do a good championship but also we want that the boys develop themselves and live one different experience to remember for the rest of their lifes.”

The majority of the players that will come to Spain were two times (2014 and 2015) champions of World Futsal Championships, in Orlando.

“We have a very competitive squad, with players that normally shine in São Paulo’s tournament. Now they will have another unforgettable experience in and out of the court, knowing different styles of the game and making new friends,” said Grande.

Now the challenge is in Europe, where they will face different opponents and will have an unforgettable experience, in and out of the court. The boys of Fernanda are ready to have fun, compete and fight for the third international title of their history. They are top players in Brazil, and for sure will make history in Spain.