Brazil Claims Four Titles At The World Futsal Cup VII

Brazil sent an unprecedented 12 teams to the World Futsal Cup VII in Barcelona and it paid dividends as their clubs won four out of the five titles with locals FC Barcelona claiming the remaining cup. From the moment the championships kicked off with the opening ceremony it was a real festival of futsal which only ended once the clubs began their journeys home.

These fascinating championships saw over 1000 goals scored over the four days of competition and five age categories. Clubs from across the world had accepted the unique and rare opportunity to test their ability against some of the best youth teams and players anywhere on the planet. The level of play witnessed on court reflected this.

Every team competed in five games which provided a strong challenge with the possibility of facing a Japanese team one moment and then a side from England in your next fixture. The players and coaches were required to quickly adapt to different styles of play and strategies as every game counted.

After the initial group phase all the teams qualified for the semi-finals in either the Gold or Silver Division, meaning they were just two victories away from returning home with silverware. The overall winners of the championships, those taking the five titles in the Gold Division, were Sport & CIA, FC Barcelona, Magnus Futsal, Rio De Janeiro Futsal Academy and SC Corinthians.

As well as the futsal experience, the participants were also able to enjoy mixing with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and making new friends as all the teams were accommodated together in the two official tournament hotels. The championships ended with the obligatory party for the participants to cement the new relationships they had formed and to relax and reflect after an intense few days of high level futsal.

Every year the World Futsal Cup has grown and drawn more interest from clubs and fans of the sport around the world. 2019 is sure to continue this trend and preparations, both for the clubs hoping to qualify and the organizers, will soon begin for the World Futsal Cup VIII. Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for more information and updates.

The History & Future of The World Futsal Cup

The World Futsal Cup VII will take place between 27-30 December 2018 as some of the strongest youth teams worldwide congregate near Barcelona to determine who is the best of the best. This article will take a look at what has taken place so far in the history of one of the world’s strongest and most prestigious youth competitions.

The championships first took place back in 2012 in the historic Spanish town of Toledo, a key location in Spanish futsal history. Local club Caja Toledo were one of the founding members of the Spanish League in 1989, becoming champions a few years later and was the former team of local boy Javier Lozano, 2-time World Cup winning coach with Spain and current Spanish League President.

The next year the tournament moved north to Blanes, a town on the picturesque Costa Brava, where it remains today. It provided the perfect combination of offering the tranquility of the Mediterranean coast whilst being a short trip to Barcelona, a hotbed for both soccer and futsal. Further, it had the attraction of a world class indoor arena considered one of the best in the whole of Spain and perfectly suited for a championships of this stature. It offers six full size futsal courts all with ample spectator seating.

One of the biggest sporting institutions in the world, FC Barcelona, have been the undoubted force in World Futsal Cup history having participated from the beginning. After claiming two trophies at that first edition six years ago, they have gone on to win 15 of the total 26 trophies that have been contested. Rivas ’95 from Madrid and Santos from Brazil are the only other clubs to have won more than one title.

The tournament attracts clubs from all over the globe having featured participants from futsal powerhouses such as Brazil, Italy, Russia and Colombia. These have been complemented by those from less established futsal nations such as Australia, USA, England, Japan and, debuting in 2018, Germany.

Only three countries outside Spain and Brazil have had champions being USA with World United, England through Ole Futsal Academy and Holland and their representative FC Marlene. Spain's domination will be under threat in this year’s edition as Brazil have sent an unprecedented 13 teams to compete against the host’s representatives as well as strong sides from other nations.

This event is not only about teams but also player development and the success of developing nations in claiming individual awards shows that, although they may not have the strength in depth of Brazil and Spain, they are more than capable of producing outstanding individuals. In 2017, 7 of the 15 individual awards went to players from countries outside those two powerhouses.

But the World Futsal Cup is not about the past, it is about the future. It provides a platform for young talent to learn from competing against the best in an elite environment and showcase their ability in front of crowds that include key figures from the professional game. It is an event where history is written but, more importantly, we glimpse the future of the sport.

Futsal City Atlas puts Colombia on the map at World Futsal Cup VI

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Every winter, the World Futsal Cup brings teams and athletes from all over the world to its home town of Blanes in the Spanish coast. This year’s tournament will feature a new team from Colombia who will become the first to represent the country at the tournament.

Its name is Futsal City Atlas.

Since 2016, it has won impressive titles in Brazil, Paraguay and England. The team was founded in 2015 to represent Bogota in a national tournament. Futsal City Atlas then competed a South American Championship in Brazil in 2016 and became part of the Colombian national team.

The trailblazer team then took their talents to Paraguay last season where they won the world title. This year, they played a Gatorade tournament in London.

After going up against Spain, Mexico, Italy and France, they beat El Salvador and won the title, winning a trip to Cardiff, where they watched the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus.

Now, the team's focus is World Futsal Cup VI. Coach David Jimenez knows the challenges that his club will face, as they take on seasoned teams but his players are ready.

“They are training 4 days a week, competing in league tournaments in Bogota on weekends", said Jimenez. "They know they will face the best in the world and this is what fuels them."

Principles To Win

Futsal City Atlas has two non-negotiable principles that are taught to players: “Esfuerzo perfecto (perfect effort)” and “disciplina tactica (tactic discipline)”. These are meant to remind players what they're training for.

“Esfuerzo perfecto is one of the club's mottos. It is meant to remind the players of the sacrifice they have to make (like getting up early, doing homework and then coming to train when they're tired)." said Jimenez.

The quality of the team’s regiment and their desire to success was noticed by Sergio Arboleda University and together, they have established a partnership that will benefit the University and players.

As part of their agreement, the team will represent the University at the World Futsal Cup VI and the players will have access to a futsal scholarship.

The titles, international championships and union with the University are all a testament to the booming success of Futsal City Atlas . When we asked Coach Jimenez how they did it, he explained it began with a dream.

“I think that we must dream, but also we need to work to achieve these dreams. When we started, was a dream to represent our city. We dreamed, worked and achieved that. A lot of people said that we wouldn't get here, but we put in the effort and had success,” concluded the coach.

Futsal City Atlas made history in Colombia and they are just getting started. See them prove themselves at the World Futsal Cup VI.

Escuela de Texas Hace Historia en Torneo Mundial de Futsal

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Cada verano, equipos de todo el mundo viajan al ESPN Wide World Of Sports de Disney para competir en los Campeonatos Mundiales de Fútbol Sala. Este año, la llegada de un joven equipo de Texas hizo historia.

El pasado mes de mayo, Dallas ISD, el 14º distrito de escuelas públicas más grande de Estados Unidos, organizó el primer torneo de fútbol sala para escuelas públicas en la nación. Este evento abrió camino para la integración del futsal con la educación.

"El futsal es un deporte muy rápido y atractivo que permite a los jóvenes la oportunidad de desarrollar el pensamiento crítico en un ambiente de equipo", dijo Rob Andrews, presidente de UNITED FUTSAL. "El beneficio añadido para las escuelas es que este es un deporte de bajo impacto y bajo costo que los jugadores pueden disfrutar durante todo el año".

Este año, la Escuela Primaria Onésimo Hernández fue una de dos escuelas primarias invitadas a participar en los Campeonatos Mundiales de Fútbol Sala. Para llegar a Orlando, el equipo recaudó más de $ 5,000 y fue patrocinado por Southwest Airlines.

Su participación hizo historia, ya que se convirtió en el primer distrito de escuelas públicas de la nación en competir en el torneo.

"Nuestra asociación con UNITED FUTSAL resultó ser una maravillosa oportunidad para los jóvenes", dijo Lance Johanson, gerente y coordinador de proyectos especiales del Departamento de Salud y Educación Física de Dallas ISD. "Su participación en el torneo abrió las puertas para el intercambio cultural, el espíritu deportivo y oportunidades para el crecimiento social".

Una de las metas del distrito de Dallas ISD es que cada estudiante participe en actividades extracurriculares. La introducción del futsal los ha acercado más al logro de este objetivo.

Como el fútbol oficial de la FIFA, el futsal es una versión 5 en 5 de fútbol que se puede jugar en cualquier superficie dura como una cancha de baloncesto, pista de tenis o incluso un estacionamiento.

En promedio, los jugadores reciben un toque de más del 600% en la pelota y meten cuatro veces más goles que el fútbol tradicional, haciedo este la herramienta de desarrollo perfecta para las organizaciones que buscan aumentar la participación de los jugadores en las prácticas y los juegos.

De echo, muchos de los mejores futbolistas como Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho e incluso Pelé han atribuido jugar futsal como niños a su éxito como futbolistas.

Formado en 2010, la misión de UNITED FUTSAL es apoyar el crecimiento del futsal en los Estados Unidos y más allá a partir de la organización de eventos y competiciones, y promoviendo oportunidades para jugadores, entrenadores, árbitros y aficionados. Visite para obtener más información sobre cómo puede participar en el deporte con el crecimiento más rápido en el mundo.

Escola do Texas Faz História no World Futsal Championships 2017

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Todo verão, times de todo o mundo viajam para a Disney, em Orlando, para competir no World Futsal Championships, torneio realizado no ESPN Wide World of Sports. Neste ano, a chegada de uma jovem equipe do Texas foi um marco histórico.

Em maio, o Dallas ISD, 14º maior distrito de escolas públicas dos Estados Unidos, inovou e sediou o primeiro torneio nacional de futsal de colégios públicos, abrindo caminho para a integração do futsal com a educação.

“Futsal é um esporte de ritmo acelerado, que engaja e permite que as crianças tenham a oportunidade de desenvolver o pensamento crítico em um ambiente coletivo”, afirmou Rob Andrews, presidente da UNITED FUTSAL. “O benefício adicional para as escolas é que é um esporte de baixo impacto e baixo custo que os jogadores podem praticar durante o ano inteiro”.

Neste ano, a Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School foi uma das duas escolas primárias convidadas para participar da World Futsal Championships. Para realizar a viagem a Orlando, o time angariou mais de U$5.000 e conseguiu um patrocínio da Southwest Airlines.

A participação deles fez história já que o colégio foi o primeiro distrito de escola pública da nação a participar do campeonato.

“Fazer essa parceria com a UNITED FUTSAL foi uma oportunidade maravilhosa para os jovens atletas”, declarou Lance Johanson, diretor e coordenador de projetos especiais do Departamento de Saúde e Educação Física do Dallas ISD. “A participação no torneio abriu portas para um intercâmbio cultural, para o espírito esportivo e para oportunidades de crescimento social.”

Um dos objetivos do Dallas ISD é que todo estudante participe de atividades extracurriculares. A introdução do futsal deu a eles a possibilidade de ficarem muito perto de concretizar isso.

Esporte gerido pela Fifa, o futsal é uma versão menor e mais rápida do futebol, jogado no 5 contra 5 em uma quadra, que pode ser de basquete, tênis ou até em estacionamentos sem uso.

No futsal, os jogadores recebem em média 600% mais a bola e marcam quatro vezes mais gols do que no futebol, sendo assim a ferramenta de desenvolvimento perfeita para as organizações que visam evoluir na participação dos jogadores nas partidas.

Muito dos grandes atletas do futebol profissional, como Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho e até Pelé atribuem à prática do futsal quando criança como chave do sucesso em suas carreiras como jogadores de futebol.


Criada em 2010, a missão da UNITED FUTSAL é incentivar o crescimento do esporte nos Estados Unidos e além por meio da organização de eventos e competições, bem como da promoção de oportunidades para jogadores, técnicos, árbitros e torcedores. Visite para saber mais sobre como você pode se envolver no esporte indoor que mais cresce no mundo.

Dallas ISD at 2017 World Futsal Championships

Texas School Makes History at the 2017 World Futsal Championships

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Every summer, teams from all over the world travel to Disney’s ESPN Wide World Of Sports to compete at the World Futsal Championships. This year, the arrival of a young team from Texas made history.

Last May, Dallas ISD, the 14th-largest public school district in the United States, broke ground and held the nation’s first public school Futsal Tournament. This district-wide event paved way for futsal’s integration with education.

“Futsal is a very fast-paced, engaging sport that allows young kids the opportunity to develop critical thinking in a team environment,” said Rob Andrews, president of UNITED FUTSAL. “The added benefit to the schools is that this is a low-impact, low-cost sport that players can enjoy year-round.”

This year, Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School was one of two elementary schools invited to participate in the World Futsal Championships. To make it to Orlando, the team raised over $5,000 and secured a sponsorship from Southwest Airlines.

Their participation made history as they became the first public school district in the nation to compete in the tournament.

“Partnering with UNITED FUTSAL was a wonderful opportunity for the young athletes,” said Lance Johanson, manager and special projects coordinator of the Health & Physical Education Department of Dallas ISD. “Participation in the tournament opened doors for cultural exchange, sportsmanship, and opportunities for social growth.”

One of the district goals of Dallas ISD is for every student to participate in extracurricular activities. The introduction of futsal has brought them closer to achieving this goal.

The official small sided game of FIFA, futsal is a 5 on 5 fast-paced version of soccer that can be played on any hard surface like a basketball court, tennis court or even an unused parking lot.

Players on average receive 600% more touches on the ball and score four times more goals than traditional soccer, making it the perfect development tool for organizations looking to increase players’ participation in the practices and games.

Many of the greatest soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho and even Pelé have attributed playing futsal as children to their success as soccer players.


Formed in 2010, the mission of  UNITED FUTSAL is to support the growth of futsal in the United States and beyond through the organization of events and competitions as well as by promoting opportunities for players, coaches, referees and fans. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved in the fastest growing indoor sport in the world.

Brazilian futsal legend helps Cadence with a big project in Illinois

Cadence Futsal Center will make its debut at the World Futsal Championships July 31st at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. The Illinois team's coaching director is well-known in the world of futsal, his name is Zego. The former Brazilian player has developed, a lot of great players such as Portugal’s Ricardinho, who currently holds the title of Best Player in the World.

“Zego, responsible for creating the popular 4-0 formation, was working in Vietnam with the youth categories and we’ve invited him to a camp here", said Guilherme Nunes, general manager of the club. "He came and after seeing our project, never went back. The word of our club is a legacy, that we will give to this state for decades.”

Cadence, a logistics company, recently changed its name to Joilet. The company's owner loves futsal and football and it was his love of the sport that led to the creation of the club. They were formed in January and now have categories at under 8s, under 10s, under 14s, under 16s and under 18s.

At Disney they will play in the under 10s, under 14s and under 16s categories.

“It will be our first tournament, and we are very excited about that. We are planning other regional and national championships, and it’s possible that we will travel to Spain or Brazil as well", continued Nunes. "We are in the beginning of the project but tournaments are essential since they helps the development of the children, inside the court and also psychologically.”

The best of Australia will compete for a place in the World Futsal Championships

In a few weeks, one of the most important youth tournaments of the futsal season will kick off at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney. It is the World Futsal Championships, which will attract some of the best talents from across the entire planet.

From Australia, there will be three teams fighting for a title; Freelance Futsal International, Galaxy Futsal Club and Bayside Pirates (we covered their history recently here).

As in the United States, futsal is growing rapidly in Australia and they are already thinking about the World Futsal Championships 2018. In January they will have the Craig Foster International Tournament and the winner will be invited to come to the USA.

The “Craig Foster Cup” is Queensland’s most prestigious futsal event. The tournament has been running for eight years, and is the pinnacle sporting event for futsal in Queensland, attracting teams from all over Australia.

FFSA’s Head of Game Development, John Mundy, gave his insight into how futsal is positively developing football in the country.

“What we are seeing with futsal in our state is the rise of a sport that not only engages young players, but also develops the technical, tactical, physical and psychological side of the game,” said John, remembering that some soccer players of the Australia National Team, like Tim Cahill and Tom Rogic, played futsal when they were younger, as did stars like Messi, Ronaldinho and Neymar.

SIGNnow Sports focus on ball control to impress at World Futsal Championships

SIGNnow Sports will participate in its first official futsal tournament when they compete in the World Futsal Championships, which will be played at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex from July 31 to August 3rd. The team of Davenport, that was formed in 2016 as an alternative to playing soccer during the offseason, is focused on improving their ball control to put on a good show in front of teams from across the entire planet.

“Coach Kyle Wilson came up to me and said, ‘your kids need to control the ball.’ I was surprised. I thought that we were good. We focused on ball mastery. Our philosophy of working hard and focusing on technique is our key”, said Mario Casamalhuapa, General Manager of the club.

At this moment SIGNnow Sports has 100 players in their futsal camp with children not just from Davenport, but also Celebration, Kissimmee and Orlando. At Disney, they will play in the Alevin category.

“We expect to learn and compete. This will be the first time SIGNnow Sports will be competing in a tournament such as this. Futsal is our tool, it helps us make us better by learning technique in a small space”, finished Casmalhuapa.

E2 Prodigy wants to put South Texas on the futsal map at The World Futsal Championships


E2 Prodigy of San Antonio wants to put the name of South Texas in the history of World Futsal Championships. They have 25 players as part of their six month futsal program and they will come to Disney at the end of July to compete in the Alevin and Infantil categories.

“The World Futsal Championships is the first big tournament E2 Prodigy will be a part of. We are excited and looking forward to the competition and the experience more than anything. We are preparing as best as possible to hopefully represent South Texas well” said Edward Estrada, Technical Director of the club.

More than just a focus on sports performance, E2 Prodigy promotes values such as passion, desire, perseverance and commitment to create team players as emphasized by Estrada.

Despite futsal becoming more well known in the USA, the majority of children still prefer soccer. However, the work of E2 Prodigy is promoting the potential of the futsal and demonstrating that these two sports are complementary.

“Given that many of our kids are focused on outdoor play, we hope this will allow them to see the benefits, style of play and technique from teams from all over the world in The World Futsal Championships. Being forced to make critical decisions in tight spaces will only expand their creativity, tranquility and composure on the ball. This sport only compliments outdoor play and we hope they are able to take these qualities outdoors to show their qualities” finished Estrada.