The History & Future of The World Futsal Cup

The World Futsal Cup VII will take place between 27-30 December 2018 as some of the strongest youth teams worldwide congregate near Barcelona to determine who is the best of the best. This article will take a look at what has taken place so far in the history of one of the world’s strongest and most prestigious youth competitions.

The championships first took place back in 2012 in the historic Spanish town of Toledo, a key location in Spanish futsal history. Local club Caja Toledo were one of the founding members of the Spanish League in 1989, becoming champions a few years later and was the former team of local boy Javier Lozano, 2-time World Cup winning coach with Spain and current Spanish League President.

The next year the tournament moved north to Blanes, a town on the picturesque Costa Brava, where it remains today. It provided the perfect combination of offering the tranquility of the Mediterranean coast whilst being a short trip to Barcelona, a hotbed for both soccer and futsal. Further, it had the attraction of a world class indoor arena considered one of the best in the whole of Spain and perfectly suited for a championships of this stature. It offers six full size futsal courts all with ample spectator seating.

One of the biggest sporting institutions in the world, FC Barcelona, have been the undoubted force in World Futsal Cup history having participated from the beginning. After claiming two trophies at that first edition six years ago, they have gone on to win 15 of the total 26 trophies that have been contested. Rivas ’95 from Madrid and Santos from Brazil are the only other clubs to have won more than one title.

The tournament attracts clubs from all over the globe having featured participants from futsal powerhouses such as Brazil, Italy, Russia and Colombia. These have been complemented by those from less established futsal nations such as Australia, USA, England, Japan and, debuting in 2018, Germany.

Only three countries outside Spain and Brazil have had champions being USA with World United, England through Ole Futsal Academy and Holland and their representative FC Marlene. Spain's domination will be under threat in this year’s edition as Brazil have sent an unprecedented 13 teams to compete against the host’s representatives as well as strong sides from other nations.

This event is not only about teams but also player development and the success of developing nations in claiming individual awards shows that, although they may not have the strength in depth of Brazil and Spain, they are more than capable of producing outstanding individuals. In 2017, 7 of the 15 individual awards went to players from countries outside those two powerhouses.

But the World Futsal Cup is not about the past, it is about the future. It provides a platform for young talent to learn from competing against the best in an elite environment and showcase their ability in front of crowds that include key figures from the professional game. It is an event where history is written but, more importantly, we glimpse the future of the sport.

Futsal City Atlas puts Colombia on the map at World Futsal Cup VI

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Every winter, the World Futsal Cup brings teams and athletes from all over the world to its home town of Blanes in the Spanish coast. This year’s tournament will feature a new team from Colombia who will become the first to represent the country at the tournament.

Its name is Futsal City Atlas.

Since 2016, it has won impressive titles in Brazil, Paraguay and England. The team was founded in 2015 to represent Bogota in a national tournament. Futsal City Atlas then competed a South American Championship in Brazil in 2016 and became part of the Colombian national team.

The trailblazer team then took their talents to Paraguay last season where they won the world title. This year, they played a Gatorade tournament in London.

After going up against Spain, Mexico, Italy and France, they beat El Salvador and won the title, winning a trip to Cardiff, where they watched the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus.

Now, the team's focus is World Futsal Cup VI. Coach David Jimenez knows the challenges that his club will face, as they take on seasoned teams but his players are ready.

“They are training 4 days a week, competing in league tournaments in Bogota on weekends", said Jimenez. "They know they will face the best in the world and this is what fuels them."

Principles To Win

Futsal City Atlas has two non-negotiable principles that are taught to players: “Esfuerzo perfecto (perfect effort)” and “disciplina tactica (tactic discipline)”. These are meant to remind players what they're training for.

“Esfuerzo perfecto is one of the club's mottos. It is meant to remind the players of the sacrifice they have to make (like getting up early, doing homework and then coming to train when they're tired)." said Jimenez.

The quality of the team’s regiment and their desire to success was noticed by Sergio Arboleda University and together, they have established a partnership that will benefit the University and players.

As part of their agreement, the team will represent the University at the World Futsal Cup VI and the players will have access to a futsal scholarship.

The titles, international championships and union with the University are all a testament to the booming success of Futsal City Atlas . When we asked Coach Jimenez how they did it, he explained it began with a dream.

“I think that we must dream, but also we need to work to achieve these dreams. When we started, was a dream to represent our city. We dreamed, worked and achieved that. A lot of people said that we wouldn't get here, but we put in the effort and had success,” concluded the coach.

Futsal City Atlas made history in Colombia and they are just getting started. See them prove themselves at the World Futsal Cup VI.

We Stand With Barcelona.

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August 17, 2017

For the past four years, we have called Barcelona home every winter as we bring teams from all over the world for the World Futsal Cup. Today, we are deeply shocked and saddened at the senseless loss of life.

As we learn more about the terrorist attack, we first wanted to let you all know that our team is safe and accounted for.

We will not allow this act of violence to discourage us from coming home again this winter. We will ensure that security measures are in place throughout the tournament for the safety and well-being of our staff and teams.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with those impacted by this horrible event.

We stand with Barcelona.


Rob Andrews



Dallas ISD at 2017 World Futsal Championships

Texas School Makes History at the 2017 World Futsal Championships

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Every summer, teams from all over the world travel to Disney’s ESPN Wide World Of Sports to compete at the World Futsal Championships. This year, the arrival of a young team from Texas made history.

Last May, Dallas ISD, the 14th-largest public school district in the United States, broke ground and held the nation’s first public school Futsal Tournament. This district-wide event paved way for futsal’s integration with education.

“Futsal is a very fast-paced, engaging sport that allows young kids the opportunity to develop critical thinking in a team environment,” said Rob Andrews, president of UNITED FUTSAL. “The added benefit to the schools is that this is a low-impact, low-cost sport that players can enjoy year-round.”

This year, Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School was one of two elementary schools invited to participate in the World Futsal Championships. To make it to Orlando, the team raised over $5,000 and secured a sponsorship from Southwest Airlines.

Their participation made history as they became the first public school district in the nation to compete in the tournament.

“Partnering with UNITED FUTSAL was a wonderful opportunity for the young athletes,” said Lance Johanson, manager and special projects coordinator of the Health & Physical Education Department of Dallas ISD. “Participation in the tournament opened doors for cultural exchange, sportsmanship, and opportunities for social growth.”

One of the district goals of Dallas ISD is for every student to participate in extracurricular activities. The introduction of futsal has brought them closer to achieving this goal.

The official small sided game of FIFA, futsal is a 5 on 5 fast-paced version of soccer that can be played on any hard surface like a basketball court, tennis court or even an unused parking lot.

Players on average receive 600% more touches on the ball and score four times more goals than traditional soccer, making it the perfect development tool for organizations looking to increase players’ participation in the practices and games.

Many of the greatest soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho and even Pelé have attributed playing futsal as children to their success as soccer players.


Formed in 2010, the mission of  UNITED FUTSAL is to support the growth of futsal in the United States and beyond through the organization of events and competitions as well as by promoting opportunities for players, coaches, referees and fans. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved in the fastest growing indoor sport in the world.


He is back! With the return of Falcão, Brazil launches plan to win World Cup 2020

Falcão is back just few months after announcing his retirement from the Brazilian National Team. The best futsal player in history is now a key player in Brazil’s plan to win the World Cup in 2020.

In his new role, Falcão will act as Director of Institutional Relations for the Brazilian Confederation (CBFS) tapping into his vast network to cultivate partnerships and secure sponsors.

“My role is more important out of the court than inside it. Brazilian futsal lost confidence and we need to show that the people who are in charge are serious,” said Falcão. “I’m ready to help develop Brazilian futsal. ”

Brazilian champion, Marquinhos Xavier, will be coaching the team. One futsal’s biggest influencers, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

“We have the best players in the world. The best teams in the world have two or three players who are decisive to win games and conquer championships,” said Xavier.

With a full schedule leading to 2020, CBFS Director Reinaldo Simões hinted that the team plans to tour and play in other countries. In addition, new sponsors have been announced: i9Life, Magnus and Implante Rio. Sports marketing agency TFW will be responsible for organizing events and finding sponsors.

“The growth of futsal in the United States is very important to the solidification of the sport”, said Felipe Drummond, owner of TFW agency and president of Magnus Futsal, (Falcão’s team that was World Futsal Champion in 2016). “We know the importance of the United States and when they enter in the sport they enter to make the difference. So, it is important to whole world and to Brazil, because it certainly will help in athletes exportation, in new business to Brazilian clubs and in exchanges between the two countries.”

International Women’s Day – Soccer and Futsal play major role in Messner’s story

A female soccer player in United States is not extraordinary. In Brazil, however, the country known as the “Soccer Nation”, it is an uphill battle for women that grow up playing “the Beautiful Game”.

Larissa Messner was able to overcome many obstacles, and with the support of her friends and family, chose to pursue the sport of soccer throughout her youth. Now, some 15 years later, she is studying Sport Management and playing college soccer for Warner University in Florida.

As a Sophomore she is taking on another challenge having accepted a position to work for UNITED FUTSAL at the World Futsal Championships, which take place from July 31st to August 3rd at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

"What attracted me to the World Futsal Championship was working directly with children and futsal, two passions that I have. There will be over 100 teams from all over the world, children from all over the world with different cultures and religions, all competing against each other. It is wonderful to help create a tournament where the children can learn from each other’s culture and make new friends for a lifetime. This environment really makes the experience rewarding for me.” said the Brazilian Messner.

On the International Women’s Day, Larissa dreams for a better and more equal world and for this dream she will keep playing her part.

"Women are coming increasingly important in every field of work and this shows that we have the same capacity as men. People are beginning to see and understand this, especially in Brazil. It's still going to take a lot of time to end this prejudice, but even to see this small change, at least for me, means that I have more strength to keep fighting and show everything that we women are capable of achieving."


Boys World Futsal Championships / Final Day

The World Futsal Championships have just finished, and we want to thank all of the players, coaches, families and fans that supported us and the teams during these three memorable days!

Congratulations to the World Futsal Champions:
Pre Benjamin: Rio Futsal Federation
Benjamin: Rio Futsal 1
Alevin: Rio Futsal 1
Infantil: ABK Futsal
Cadete: City Futsal
Open: OIS Strickers

We really hope to see you back next year and continue supporting our event, and this amazing level of Futsal!

We are Futsal!

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Boys World Futsal Championship / Day 2

After day 2, all games are set for tomorrows big finals. We cannot wait for these amazing matches to occur, and see who will emerge as the World Futsal Champions of this year´s event!

Make sure you check with us regarding how the new award ceremonies will work this year. For those of you who are back for a second time, the awards are in a different location than in previous years, and we want to make sure the teams attend their ceremony.

Join us for more excitement here at the ESPN Wide World of Sports!

You can see all the scores and standings so far, plus tomorrow schedule's at

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Boys World Futsal Championships

2016 Boys World Futsal Championship / Day 1

Welcome again to the Boys World Futsal Championship! 66 teams from Australia, Bermuda, Brasil, Canada, Costa Rica, Venezuela, United States and Uruguay started today to compete for the Gold and the honor.
We really hope you have enjoyed today’s matches and see you tomorrow for Day 2!
We are Futsal!

Stay tuned for match results and other tournament updates on social media, and get all the standings and results at


Today's results:
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2016 Girls World Futsal Championship Finals

The 2016 Girls World Futsal Championship is now over, and we want to thank you all for an amazing tournament.
We are so honored by the presence of each team, and we are truly proud of the game level and camaraderie displayed in each game.

Tonight, we had the pleasure of hosting the PFL Showcase after our boys opening ceremony. What a treat! The players got to witness some amazing futsal in the Falcao VS Richardinho exhibition match. Some were lucky enough to snag a few autographs...and some selfies with the pros!

Tomorrow the Boys World Futsal Championship will start and we couldn´t be more excited. Stay tuned for match results and other tournament updates on social media.


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