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Between the big clubs of World Futsal Cup VI, like Santos, FC Barcelona and Dina Moscow, one club is new for everyone: C5 Action. However, the name behind this team is a real star of the futsal.

Ciço played many years with Brazilian National Team and also in the Spanish futsal. One year ago, he created the C5 Action Company with two friends to help young players and be the agent of them.

“We searched a lot and with my experience I saw that was missing one complete company. The C5 has nutritionist, physio, English classes, doctor and psychology,” said Ciço in an exclusive interview.

The World Futsal Cup VI is the first international experience of the boys of C5 Action and the founder is very happy with this opportunity.

“Its fantastic to bring the boys to here, one fantastic tournament, with good courts, organized and already consolidated. We can see in the eyes of the players that they are excited to be here, so to us this means a lot. We are closing 2017 as the best way.”

Ciço is studying now management and marketing, thinking in improve his company and all the futsal.

“I believe a lot in this sport which gave me everything. We have some problems, but will improve with good management. It’s the second sport most practiced in Brazil, so we have a lot of potential,” finished the Brazilian star.