Premier showcase to feature the world’s best women’s club teams

Raleigh, NC - - UNITED FUTSAL is pleased to announce the 2015 Women’s Futsal Cup will be held in Guadalajara, Spain (located just outside of Madrid) during the week of June 25-28, 2015.

24 youth teams and 6 adult teams representing countries from Europe, North, Central and South America and Asia will participate across 5 age divisions for the right to be called the best women's club futsal team in the world. These top teams will compete in front of coaches, international scouts and famous players in the largest showcase of female futsal talent in the world. For the first time, there will be a United States representative in the professional division at the tournament.

“The Houston Aces of the WPSL have been pushing the envelope as a professional women’s soccer organization for years, so it is no surprise they will also be leading the charge when it comes to adopting futsal into their annual calendar. We look forward to their joining Athletico Madrid, Oz Stars from Australia and many other top global brands this year.” - Rob Andrews, President of UNITED FUTSAL.

In addition to the tournament, on June 25, UNITED FUTSAL will facilitate a women’s futsal global development symposium led by the most influential figures representing the top clubs, leagues and organizations from around the world. Teams will be selected for the 2015 tournament via invitation from the newly formed International Selection Committee

Age groups will be as follows:

BENJAMIN (04/05) | ALEVIN (02/03) | INFANTIL (00/01) | CADETE (98/99) | ADULT 1997+

To receive the latest updates or request an invite, visit the all-new unitedfutsal.wpengine.com

PFL International Challenge Powered by UNITED FUTSAL Make Futsal History (VIA FUTSAL FOCUS)

The Professional Futsal League International Challenge Powered by UNITED FUTSAL made Futsal history this past weekend in Texas, USA. A crowd of 5,179 – the largest-ever crowd to watch futsal in the U.S. – filled the Dr. Pepper Arena.

See more at: http://www.futsalfocus.net/news.html?newsId=198&type=Global#sthash.N5nexdAW.dpuf

Week 4 - Routine

Sunday, 15th of March 2015

Now that I have been in Madrid just over 5 weeks, plus my first week which was spent in Rivas just outside the city, I have settled into somewhat of a routine. I want to give a glimpse of what it is like on the day to day for me here, since it differs so much than anything I have done before.


Monday through Friday I have Spanish class at 10am, so I wake up at 8:30 to eat, get ready, and study before leaving to walk to class at 9:30. Class goes until 1-1:15 depending on how quickly (and correctly) I finish the last few exercises. Then I walk somewhere to eat some lunch before walking to take the 30 minute metro ride to Rivas’ office in Madrid. This usually puts me in the office from 2:30 to 3 at the latest where I will work until 5:30 on Women’s Futsal Cup preparations, which I will talk about more next week. Then I head back to the metro (I am learning to love public transport...) to take it back home which is another half hour ride. This puts me back in the house at a little after 6pm where I will get ready for training and eat.  At this point in my day I finally have some downtime since I don’t have to leave for training until 7:30. Training doesn’t start until 9pm, but we have to get there early to change and be ready to play at 9. We finish anywhere from 11 to 11:30, so I normally get home after midnight eat something (the Sarmientos always leave me dinner which is unbelievable and much appreciated) and pass out.


The mornings and afternoons are pretty constant, on the days off of training I just swap it out for studying and sometimes studying via application, which just means meet some people for a cerveza or two. It’s a schedule that keeps me busy, but I think it is a good thing.


And I can’t forget about the weekends! We always have our matches, which most recently was a very nervous win 4-3 at home (one step closer). And then the day we don’t have a match I usually try to do something fun. I went to the Copa de Espana this past weekend and saw the two semi-finals.  My coach, Ramos, invited me to an Atleti match the weekend before. Sometimes though I just relax and go to the park or something.


Next week I will talk more about the exciting things UNITED FUTSAL has going on these days as well as give the update on Rivas!


Thanks as always, hasta luego!


Week 3 - Tactics

Sunday, 8th of March 2015

Two more weeks and two more wins for the team! The weekend of March 1st the team won 9-2 and this most recent weekend we stole a 7-1 victory. Momentum and excitement are building as Rivas 95’ is now just 9 points away from securing promotion! Although I have only been here a short time I am very proud and honored to be a part of this club. The structure and support generated within the club is incredible. After last weekends match, the first team all got food and drinks at the cafe in the facility then we all stayed to support and cheer on our alevin team (Champions of this past World Futsal Cup). 
Everything is coming along as far as my experience goes. My improvement is very gradual, and I only wish it could move faster as I am not the most patient person in the world. I almost don’t even realize the difference from a month ago. But then after sitting down and explaining to someone I just met what I do or understanding the rules of the game we are about to play at training (my personal favorite), I realize the improvement is there and it is very exciting. I just need to keep working at it.


This past week at training we played a friendly against Brihuega. It wasn’t a regular game though as it was broken up into 4 quarters of 10 minutes and the score would reset. It wasn’t about winning or losing (although of course it was extremely competitive), but more about focusing on situational tactics. Ramos told me,

“Es bueno practicar diferentes aspectos del juego como el 4x3 o el 5x4 contra otros equipos porque encontramos diferentes situaciones que no se dan jugando contra tu propio equipo.

Essentially that it is good to practice tactics against other teams so we get exposed to other situations (or systems) that we wouldn’t see if we only train against ourselves. We practiced playing both with an extra man or down a man, so defending when we have 4 and they have 5, then switching. Then defending with 3 against 4 and switch again. It was a great learning experience not only for practicing our tactics, but also seeing the level of a team that is doing well in the division above us.

Don't miss next week when I will get into what a typical day is like as I am now more settled into a routine, which I think will only help moving forward.

As always, thanks for all the support!