Dinamo Moscow Win the Intercontinental Futsal Cup

Dinamo Moscow took home the trophy for the Intercontinental Futsal Cup! They beat out Carlos Barbosa for the title.
Glucosoral faced off against World United vying for 5th place overall. The teams ended the first half in a tie, 2 - 2. United lost momentum coming into the second half and Glucosoral pulled away. Glucosoral won the match 8 -4.
Intelli and El Pozo battled it out for third place. The game became heated quite quickly and several yellow cards were handed out. Jé was a keyplayer for Intelli and contributed several goals, allowing Intelli to win the match 4-2.
The championship game showcased Carlos Barbosa and the Russian team, Dinamo. The match was well matched. The half ended in a tie, 1 - 1. As the game heated up both Rodrigo (Carlos Barbosa) and Kaetano (Dinamo) received yellow cards. Dinamo managed to get one in and it was all over from there. Dinamo broke down Carlos Barbosa and took the cup 5 -1.

Second Day of Competition Draws to a Close

Day two of the intercontinental futsal cup showcased some of the best talent in the world.
The first game was a well – fought match between World United FC and El Pozo. United came out of the gate strong and scored the first goal of the night. However, they were unable to maintain momentum through the game and were soon tied up with El Pozo at 1 – 1. El Pozo continued to pick up steam as the game progressed and the match ended 9 – 2.
After a post game press conference with El Pozo, the second game of the night was ready to kick off. Glucosoral and Dinamo took the court.
Right off the bat Dinamo started out ready to play. In the first half they put away four goals, while Glucosoral had just gotten on the board in the first half.
In the second half Dinamo maintained momentum and continued their scoring streak. Glucosoral also suffered a set back when one of their strong players, Escobar, was red carded. The match continued and Glucosoral was not able to recover. The game ended with Dinamo winning 8 – 1.
Photo Credit: Luiz Pires/VIPCOMM

First Day of Intercontinental Cup Yields Fierce Competition

Day one of the Intercontinental Futal Cup has drawn to a close. The competition was fierce and the games played out well.
Carlos Barbosa faced off against World United FC for the first match of the tournament. The first game featured Carlos Barbosa facing off against World United FC. Carlos Barbosa won the match with a final score of 9 – 2. In a post game press conference Carlos Barbosa was very complimentary of the United States’ development in the game of Futsal.
The second game featured Intelli up against FSC Glucosoral. Unfortunately, Glucosoral’s Rafael Gonzales injured his knee injury and was taken out of the game. Falcaão played superbly and contributed greatly to Intelli’s success in the match. Intelli won out 7 -2.
Photo Credit: Luiz Pires/VIPCOMM